Is your bookkeeping limiting your potential?

Limitless Bookkeeping helps small businesses and freelancers get a hold of their books, bringing peace of mind and tax-ready books all year round.

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Monthly or Quarterly Bookkeping

Get your time, sleep and peace of mind back.

Financial Analysis

Be tax or lender-ready. Always.

Clean-up Bookkeeping

Get a hold of your books before they get a hold of your sanity.

Behind Limitless Bookkeping

My name is Ileana.

Pronounced: /ee-lay-ana/ and I want to help you with your bookkeeping.

I have a special place in my heart for small businesses and freelancers. You provide for your family. Do you want your time back so you can grow your business and spend time with your loved ones?

I’m here for YOU.

Now, no more staying up until dawn making sure you account for your receipts. No more staying in your office on the weekends because you have to do your books. No more missing your tax deadline because you’re behind on your bookkeeping.

I’m here to make the numbers make sense.

You have more than enough to do as both a small business owner and provider for your family.

Call me and we’ll talk about how I can give you your time, sleep and peace of mind back. All with a free, no-obligation consultation assured with a money-back guarantee.

Call me so we can work together to give YOU time back.

A portion of our revenue is designated to impact our community

Why We Do It

We give back to our local community because it is where our children play, and our leaders learn.
We directly support the following causes:
1. Education
2. Employment
3. Environment

If you would like to learn about our social impact model, or would like to collaborate, please contact us.

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